Les Moonves, the President/CEO of CBS Corporation, has made it clear that he doesn’t plan on using services such as NetFlix and Hulu because he doesn’t feel that they are a benefit.  Translation: it doesn’t make them enough money, and since they are the highest rated broadcast network, they don’t need Hulu or NetFlix.  Or do they?

I only have a few shows I watch on CBS, and since I have more important things to do than plop myself in front of the television at a time that CBS thinks I should be watching those shows, I choose to watch them later.  Since I ditched my cable television and switched to a free, fully-digital antenna, I have two options:  I can (1) skip the show altogether if it’s on CBS, or (2) watch it online through CBS.com if/when it decides it wants to work and be remotely clear enough to make out any images.

So this begs the question: at what point does greed get in the way of offering a high quality, easily-accessible product?   NetFlix and Hulu are increasingly more popular as more and more customers ditch cable and forego a huge monthly bill when they can get digital TV for free – I bought a new DTV antenna from Best Buy for under $30, and it works perfectly, and I watch my other cable shows through Hulu or Amazon via my internet TV.  So by snubbing a growing audience for the old school folks, it appears Les Moonves is taking CBS back to where it was 10 years ago – in the dark ages, as a slow-to-evolve network with old, dying viewers.

It didn’t seem to work last time, but I wish Les all the best.  But all he has done so far is turn me toward ABC, NBC & Fox, who have embraced alternative television sources.