Here is what I don’t understand.  There are people in this world who make the argument that by allowing gay people to marry, America is tarnishing the sanctity of marriage.  My response:  the who the what!?

Newsflash:  the sanctity of marriage has been gone for years now, well before gay marriage even began receiving legal approval starting in 2001.  And it’s been tarnished by the growing popularity of straight, married men who can’t keep their junk in their pants.  From Tiger Woods & Ashton Kutcher to the everyday husbands living in suburban neighborhoods, infidelity is on the rise.

According to Infidelity Facts, 53% of marriages will end in divorce.  Of those, 41% of couples admitted to infidelity.  Personally, I have never understood the logic.  You are unhappy with your marriage, so instead of divorcing and going your own way amicably, you sleep with someone else?  Makes no sense to me.  But hopefully you got the outcome you were looking for.

If you want someone to blame for marriage going the way of dinosaurs, blame cheaters and stop trying to say that gay people would make it any worse than it already is.