As a person who hopes to someday become a quality journalist, I have to blow the whistle on stupid, wanna-be journalism shows like Entertainment Tonight.  I would have chosen Extra, but let’s face it – no one watches Extra.

Tonight, I had nothing else to watch.  I turned to Entertainment Tonight as I waited for a better show (Wheel of Fortune) to come on.  I was bombarded with ignorant attempts at “credible journalism” with the dumbest, most insanely far-reaching stories. First. I heard about Kris Jenner (the woman who spawned the Kardashians) being a whore and sleeping with some guy while she was married to a lawyer who helped OJ Simpson go free.

Then, as if that wasn’t stupid enough, I was treated to a multi-segment special report about the horrific Italian cruise ship accident – I know what you are thinking: “how dare you attack something like that!”  well first, don’t ever raise your voice to me, and second you didn’t see what I saw.  It was an in-depth report explaining how two male passengers claim to have been listening to Celine Dion’s Titanic theme song when the crash happened.  Were they gay?  If not, they clearly have to be single and questioning their sexuality to admit they listen to Celine Dion. I love her music, but I am gay so it’s totally understandable.

You might think that is as bad as it could get.  No, it gets worse.  ET felt they didn’t have enough hard-hitting news about the accident, so they decided to explain how the cast of the movie Titanic made those “harrowing” scenes when the ship went down.  Ah yes, I can understand how falling off a fake ship, into a sound stage filled with cold water in a highly-controlled motion picture could help you grasp how the victims of a real tragedy might be feeling.  Ok, no I can’t.

Entertainment Tonight is a complete waste of time.  Bring back Mary Hart and maybe I might think about watching.  Ok, again no I can’t.  Sorry, I will stop getting your hopes up.

Forget SOPA/PIPA, let’s boycott stupid shows like ET that waste our time, and our brain cells.