I have to admit, I love Taco Bell.  I don’t care what their “meat” may be made of, I love the taste and I like the price and selection of items on their menu. So naturally, when I heard they were rolling out breakfast items (mostly in Western states), I decided I would try them out – even when the initial reviews said the items were nothing to write home about.  It was a mistake.  I will tell you, don’t waste your money on their breakfast.  Stick with Burger King or McDonald’s, unless you enjoy throwing money away – in which case, email me and I will provide you a mailing address to send that money to.

So, I went out this morning and grabbed the following items:

  • Mocha iced coffee
  • Johnsonville Sausage & Egg Wrap
  • 2 Bacon & Egg Burritos (1 for mom)
  • 2 orders of Cinnabon delights (1 for mom)

Total spent: $8.74

Pros:  Cinnabon delights lived up to the hype.  Anything smothered in cinnamon and filled with gooey cream filling should be worshiped in my opinion.  Great price ($1.49) and you receive 4 which is plenty before the sugar attacks every major organ and you pass out.

Cons:  Everything else.  The wraps and burritos had NO flavor, and they lacked the additional flavor afforded (for example) by a buttery McMuffin bun from McDonald’s.  With so much sodium, you would assume the salt would help flavor the sausage and bacon.  You would be wrong.  In addition, the “bacon” – and I use that word lightly – was hard and cut into bits, which made me believe they simply dumped Bacon Bits in and called it a morning.  Not cool. And as if that wasn’t enough, the portions were small compared with lunch and their famous fourth meal fare.  See the pic below, with sauce packets to help emphasize the tiny size.  See, told ya!

Overall, it was under-flavored, over-priced and quite a let down.

But if you don’t believe me, try some yourself.  And then you can apologize for your rudeness 😉

Click here for a good rundown of the new menu, in case you still insist on trying it for yourself.  Good luck!