By now, we all know about the government’s plans to phase out incandescent light bulbs, because they are far less energy-efficient than new bulbs on the market.

For some Godforsaken reason, the Tea Party (and I use the word party reluctantly) decided that of all the problems faced by this country, they would put banning this phase out as a top priority. And what’s even MORE stupid is the fact that they apparently SUCCEEDED!  WTF!?

If there is one thing that is NOT wrong with America these days, it’s the constant stream of ingenuity and drive that allows us to create technical marvels like iPods, Joan Rivers’ face and the huge cans of that multi-flavored popcorn – there ain’t NOTHING wrong with those.

So when I heard this, I could only think how stupid it sounds that some old, crotchety people who couldn’t bear to watch a memento of their past go the way of the dinosaurs, they decided to bitch and complain about it so loudly that someone else took the time to help fight it.

Maybe while they are at it, they can have us get Android phones and iPhones banned and we can switch back to the original cell phone.  It was clunky, costly to make and had the worst reception in the world, but if we can tolerate AT&T, we can tolerate going back into the dark ages.

Oh, and those awesome, self-cleaning stoves that can do everything for you except pick up the damn turkey and slide it in?  We can just go back to wood-burning stoves and help with reducing the world’s forests even more, since I loved the way those looked when I used to watch Little House on the Prairie.

And finally, I think the 2011 Chevy Cruze I have fallen in love with can be sent off to the salvage yard.  I would prefer the original.  Let’s bring back the Ford Model T.  It will certainly slow us down, but the damn the nostalgia would live on for years.

All this sound a bit like over-exaggerated?  It’s supposed to, it’s sarcasm.  And hopefully this will help you idiots who are holding out for a damn light bulb realize how ignorant you sound.  Shut up and buy the new damn bulbs!