It’s very rare that I am surprised by a celebrity’s death, because generally there are incidents which led up to the inevitable.  But Chris Farley’s death on December 18, 1997 caught me off guard. When he died, he was only 33 years old, just 2 years older than I am now.

The other day, I was flipping through NetFlix trying to find something to watch, and I happened to come across one of my all-time favorite movies, Tommy Boy.  Immediately, I started to recite some of my favorite quotes in my head – as if I had just watched it a few minutes earlier.

Chris Farley was one of those larger than life, funny guys who could make you laugh just by making a stupid face or saying something so stupid you couldn’t help but say “what the hell!?”  I miss that slapstick, gut busting humor that left me laughing so loud I would literally scare myself.

I am not the biggest fan of Saturday Night Live, but I will say I saw a few of his skits, and his perfectly timed delivery of lines combined with his historical ability to systematically breakdown David Spade to the point of visible crying always left me thinking “damn, this guy has got a gift if he can make people laugh so hard with very little effort.”

I constantly think that Hollywood is missing a Chris Farley for today’s films, and I only wish he lived today so we could see what sort of crazy projects he would have been a part of.

Chris, a lot of people miss you!  If I had a dime for every time I recited a line I heard on one of your movies, I would be a very rich, retired man by now.

Here are some clips of just a FEW of my favorite Chris Farley moments.  I can assure you they will bring back memories! 🙂