I watch more and more news stories on the local news, and I hear about people going to Haiti, Japan and other countries to help those less fortunate.  But am I the only person who is starting to feel like we don’t pay enough attention to the problems we have going on in THIS country?

Before you argue with me or try to say I am being too hard on people who focus their money and resources on OTHER countries, just stop and think for 1 minute about how much we do for OTHER countries – and how we always seem the first in line to help other countries (most of which don’t seem interested in our help to begin with.) And think about how much difference it would make if we redirected just a SMALL portion of that money back into the communities in this country where they really need our help.

As a perfect example:  In 2012, the poverty rate in the United States rose to 15.1% (the highest rate since 1993), but have we done enough?  At the end of the day, do you really feel like we have done everything we possibly could to make sure that ever U.S. citizen has the ability put food on the table?  Have we done enough to educate people about healthier (and at the same time, more cost-effective) ways to feed themselves?

Sometimes, I wonder why we seem so self-destructive.  Why do we jump into action to help people so quickly, but yet we haven’t even noticed that people on our soil are suffering?

My employer once kicked off an initiative called “Back to Basics,” where we identified weaknesses in the organization and made changes to policies and procedures in an effort to get our workflow more efficient, simplified and helpful.  America’s failing government leaders need to get us back to the basics, before it gets too late.  I feel like one day (probably  soon) we will be looking back at what we have created, and realize that this country has lost its way, and we need to get it back on the right track.

We need to do so much more to support our neighbors.  Helping other countries is all good and great, but we can’t do very much if we, ourselves, are hungry and unsupported.  Let’s get back to basics people, it’s been far too long.

A great organization to support is Feeding America.  Even if you can give $1, it goes far.  Just one dollar will provide meals to eight families who need it.