By now, we have all heard about the controversy surrounding Starbucks’ decision to use a bug-based dye in many of their signature drinks, cakes and doughnuts.

I think what makes me most concerned about this isn’t the fact that they use parts of beetles in their food and drinks – I mean half of the stuff we eat from fast food restaurants these days probably come from some pretty disgusting places.  What DOES concern me is the fact that a company – especially one as large as Starbucks – thought it was MORE cost-effective to crush up beetles to use a dye, rather than (oh I don’t know) using STRAWBERRIES!?  Or even beet juice can give the same red color!  But instead, some idiot said “you know what? it has to be cheaper if we use this dye made of crushed up beetles.”

It’s something that really makes you question what you are eating – and what some of these large companies aren’t telling us about all the food they feed us.

We need to go back to using stuff that comes directly from the land, and is healthy, full of nutrients and in great abundance.  This is starting to get ridiculous.