Ok, I will admit that a LOT of things annoy me – but anyone who knows me is already well aware of that fact! But one thing that really pisses me off is when TV shows claim to be “live” and are in fact pre-recorded. Anyone living on the East Coast could care less.  But when you are three hours BEHIND everyone else – I live in Oregon – it’s frustrating to know that you can’t sign onto social media or visit ANY websites during your television watching or you will inevitably find out about the end results of the show you are watching.

A perfect case in point:  The Voice live finale that aired tonight.  While watching the show to see who finally got crowned, I happened to open my internet browser and Yahoo!’s main page popped up.  That’s when I saw this.  

Clearly, I didn’t click on the link, because I was still WATCHING the show.  But I knew if I clicked on Facebook, Twitter or any other news site, the results of the show that claimed the entire time to be “a live finale” would be spoiled.

In a day and age when we live in a 24-hour news World, it’s upsetting that sites like Yahoo! and CNN can’t wait a few hours to run stories that aren’t urgent and don’t need to be announced immediately.  It’s not like you are reporting a deadly tornado, so something that isn’t time-sensitive could have waited until everyone had a chance to watch the show and see for themselves.

So what is the point of my ranting?  Stop telling everyone the results of shows so fast!  Duh!