For the last two weeks, someone has been mailing envelopes – 6 so far – filled with white powder (supposedly Anthrax but not really) to buildings throughout Portland, Oregon.

Each time, it turns out the powder is completely harmless, but that’s AFTER the Portland Fire Department and FBI have spent time and resources trying to make sure everything is all clear.

Every time I turn on the local news and hear about yet ANOTHER incident, there are three things that I think about:

  1. Whatever moron is doing this not only scares innocent people who didn’t do anything, but they also overwhelm the resources of our first responders.  This means that when a REAL emergency happens, that person may not get the prompt, essential response they need in order to survive
  2. The amount of money that is involved with having the Portland Fire Department AND the FBI respond to every one of these stupid pranks is something that ends up falling on taxpayers, so now I am really starting to get pissed!
  3. Sending threatening packages and scaring people is not a tactic that generally works well when attempting to get your point across.  Write an anonymous letter to the local newspaper or call in and do a phone interview with the local television stations and just tell everybody what the hell you want!  It’s much faster and allows us to put at least a VOICE with this idiot

Almost EVERY time, this is the work of someone who is clearly looking for attention.  And they need to find a more productive way to get their point across, so there is actually a RESOLUTION to their issues.  Or, at least so we can beat them about the ears, nose and throat, and hang in the public square, or something like that 🙂