We all have our bad habits.  And some of us – meaning me – have more than others.

One of my worst ones is the fact that I very rarely ever drink PLAIN drinking water.  We have a Pur water filter on our tap, and we use it all the time.  But typically, I add flavoring (such as Mio), Country Time Lemonade or Kool Aid plus LOTS of sugar.  Or I drink iced tea with Splenda, because it technically still has water IN it 🙂

I have been on a bit of a health kick lately, and we live in one of the best cities for locally grown, all-natural foods.  I regularly eat healthy salads or use low-fat ingredients when I cook.  So how come I still can’t drink plain water? It got into the 80’s and 90’s here for a few days, and I filled up one of my thousands of reusable water bottles, plopped some ice in it, and drank about 3 of them in one day – a clear sign my body is missing a key form of hydration.

So I decided to challenge myself:  I will forgo the caffeine of iced tea and drink ONLY fresh tap water (filtered of course) for 30 days to see if I can actually do it.  If I can do it – which I am fairly confident I can – I will make a conscious effort to regularly drink the most abundant natural resource on earth.
Who knows, maybe I won’t ever drink another thing except good, fresh, plain water!

Well…one can hope, right!? 🙂

If you have the same issue and know of any tips or tricks for drinking water more than all the sugary alternatives, please let me know!  I can use all the help I can get!