It’s no surprise that Verizon Wireless announced it will go after it’s loyal, long-time customers for more money.  They try it all the time, and they generally succeed. But – as any Verizon Wireless customer recalls vividly – they failed last July to remove the unlimited data plan from current customers after a major uproar, and instead focused their sights on unsuspecting, new customers who choose to get stuck with them for 2 years and don’t know any better.

Now, just when loyal customers started to get over the first attack, they decide they haven’t done enough to piss us off.  During an industry conference, Verizon announced they would be eliminating the unlimited data plan it allowed existing customers to keep.  In addition, they said they have no idea how much the new, limited plan will be, which generally means they need some more time to see how much more juice they can squeeze out of us.

So let’s see if we can get this straight:  Verizon Wireless has 93 million paying customers and they earned $70.2 Billion – yes, that’s with a B – in 2011.  They currently charge $30/month for unlimited data packages, which means even if HALF of their customers pay for data, they make $1, 395,000,000 each month.  But yet they still feel that’s not enough money to make off of us, in addition to the regular fees we have to pay just to OWN and USE the damn phone itself.

This is all so incredibly stupid, and it frankly is starting to get VERY old VERY quick.

If Verizon Wireless wants to raise our rates, they should do a few things first, to make sure they have done everything they can to save their customers money instead of drowning them in charges:

  1. Eliminate their stores – every time I go into a store (which is very rarely), they offer exactly the same assistance available by going to their website or calling customer service.  So why are they there?  If I wanted to go in and take a look at a phone before I buy it, I can do like millions of other people and visit a Best Buy, look at the phone and touch it, and then walk out and buy it online for cheaper.  I understand this means people losing their jobs, but a company can’t use this as an excuse for keeping stores open.  They have to serve a clear purpose, and clearly these retail locations don’t live up to their expectations
  2. Get rid of contracts – If they really feel that charging us more is beneficial, they should have no problems allowing all their customers to move to month-to-month services where they can decide at anytime to move to another carrier.  But this will probably never happen, because then customers would show them that without being FORCED to stay with them for two years, they wouldn’t be as popular as they APPEAR to be.  We are staying with you because in this economy, no one has the money to pay $250 or more to cancel early.  If you are so confident that your customers are loyal and will stay with you no matter what, you should have absolutely no problem being transparent and letting us make decisions on our own
  3. Get some advice from Netflix – Verizon should immediately call Netflix and ask for advice about what may happen when they make stupid decisions that alienate their customers.  I am sure Netflix has no problem explaining how to avoid the backlash that almost knocked them on their ass a few months ago – and still continues to plague them!
So how can you make your voice heard?  If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, share this post with everyone you know and help get the momentum going.  I have included a link below for a petition that has been started on to stop Verizon from charging grandfathered customers.
The only way these companies learn to stop acting so stupid is by their customers banding together, telling them to take their fees and shove them.  So, stand up against these fees!  If you don’t your rates will go higher and they will continue to add-on other charges.
Enough is enough!