I think it may be helpful to someone out there if I spell out some of the results I received from the free, in-home test I mentioned in my original post.  The first results I received were for the Fasting Blood Glucose Diabetes Test.

So what is this test for?  What does it measure?  How does it help you?

  • Fasting Blood Glucose Diabetes Test– Provides a snapshot of your blood sugar (glucose) level at the time the test is conducted – and it’s the reason I had to drink nothing except water for 9-12 hours.  This data can assist your doctor by identifying your potential risk for diabetes or other related conditions. The range, measured in Mg/DL (Milligrams per Deciliter of blood), ranges from 60-200 Mg/DL.  The normal/acceptable range is 60-100 Mg/DL.  If you have a level above the normal range, it’s recommended you speak with your doctor about further action and/or treatment programs

Here is a nifty graph outlining where I fall 2011 vs 2012 for the diabetes test:

Fasting Blood Glucose Diabetes Test

My results for this test were within “normal range,” and this was the only test where that was the case.  My Mg/DL for the past two years is between 82-84, which is well below the 100 Mg/DL threshold, so I am not too concerned about these numbers.

Tomorrow, I will begin posting about the parts of the results that were not quite as good.