We all know it can be crazy trying to do ANYTHING at all to our homes when times are so tough.  So, when I hear about something free or VERY low-cost, I generally try to take advantage of it. This is one of those times, and it paid off 🙂

My sister had let me know about a FREE paint promotion going on at Ace Hardware via her blog, Saving Stace. I printed my coupon, headed up to Ace and got a free quart of their Clark + Kensington brand flat paint – I chose a color called “smiley face,”  because I knew I wanted something bright and summer-ish.

Ace Hardware Clark + Kensington Smiley Face

HELPFUL TIP:  Pay close attention to sites like my sister’s (above) or local coupon/deal sites for promotions about free paint.  They happen ALL the time, and generally include a free quart of paint – with little effort to get it.  Generally, you simply fill out a form in the store or print a coupon online, bring it to the store and walk out with free paint. If planned right, you can get enough paint to do WHOLE rooms of your house, for completely free.

When we moved into our apartment, we began to slowly add new furniture to give it a more personal feel.  We came across the multi-purpose shelf below, put it together and turned it sideways to create a unique TV stand that can be changed easily with the color scheme we have going on.  One problem: as you can see on the far left, we had no room for the wide cable TV box.  We put it on a temporary, styrofoam cooler and it sat there for months.

Entertainment Center

I knew that an end table may be a clever option, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  While walking through a local Goodwill store a few days ago, I came across this great find – a small end table for $4.99! I quickly swiped it up and headed home to see what I could come up with.Goodwill End Table

We had some leftover paint brushes and tools, so my mom set everything out.

Paint Supplies

Then, we removed the hardware and sanded the table so the fresh, new paint would have something to cling to.

End Table

Finally, we did 3 coats – since the dark wood really soaked up the first few coats – and came out with this.

Completed End Table

Not only did we do this for only $4.99, but we have more than half of the free paint left, so my plan is to find a few more items to paint and place throughout either the living room or the rest of the house.

This is a perfect example that if you take a little time, plan out your project and watch for an AWESOME deal, you can make something new out of something old – for VERY little money.

Hopefully, this will inspire people out there to take a chance, make some unique and personal, and add something cool to their motif.