Coups for Troops

Do you buy the Sunday newspaper for all the manufacturer coupons?  Do you have unused coupons that you simply throw away when they expire? Don’t throw them away anymore!!!  Coups for Troops is a national organization that collects unused or expired manufacturer coupons and sends them to military families overseas.

DID YOU KNOW?  Military families overseas can use manufacturer coupons up to 6 months after they expire. 

As a work-from-home employee, this is a simple way for me to give to a great cause, especially when I don’t necessarily have time to leave my home during busier days at work.

Coups for Troops offers 3 easy ways to donate coupons:

1. Send your coupons directly to a military family overseas through their Direct Mail program. You can email their volunteer to be matched with a family by completing a direct mail contact form via their site
2. Ship your coupons directly to volunteers throughout the country and they will be sorted and distributed to families who need them most
3. Or check their map of drop-off locations for locations where you can donate right in your own neighborhood

Personally, I find that option 2 (mailing coupons to a volunteer) works best for me.  Below, I explain how this works – and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.  It’s SO simple!

First, I do a little extra work than what the instructions call for, so it’s easier and faster for the volunteer to distribute coupons.

I cut out all the coupons so they are ready to go.

Coupons Sorted

Next, I sort them into two piles (food and non-food) and place them in labeled envelopes

Coupons Sorted

And finally, I place them in a “bubble mailer” shipping envelope – you can generally buy them in 2-packs at Dollar Tree for $1! – and label them with the address of the nearest drop-off location (see link above for locations).  A quick trip to the local United States Post Office and I can make a difference for about $2.50 in postage (I usually send the coupons via First-Class Mail)!

NEED ASSISTANCE?  If you are a military family overseas (or if you know a family who could use this service), simply click here to submit a request for assistance on the Coups for Troops site.  

This post is a PERFECT example of how you DO NOT have to leave your house for a full day to volunteer and make a difference.  There are lots of ways to donate your time and resources on literally ANY schedule – and with limited effort on your part.

I plan to post more simple, inexpensive and unique ways to help make a difference – right from the comfort of your own home!  If you have ideas you would like to share, comment below and I will look into them!