It’s been a while since I l’ve done one of my random posts, so here goes.

Remember to tell people you love them. Let me explain.

A series of incidents throughout the past few years have made my family and I realize how important it is to let people know you love and care for them, since you never know when the last phone call, casual lunch or family reunion will be the last time you see them.

Many of us have made it a constant, concius effort to make sure we end ever visit or phone call with a simple “I love you.” In fact, it’s become so normal that on several occasions I’ve found myself texting people to say “umm, you didn’t say I live you.” If I don’t hear it – or say it myself – I feel awkward and have to make it right in some way.

I have never been a religious person. I don’t go to church, and I have core beliefs and philosophies that I live by everyday. Basically, I believe in what I choose to believe in and that’s that.

I also don’t pretend to know much at all – most of my knowledge of life, religion, family values and history comes from movies, television shows and the Daily Show w/John Stewart.

But one thing I do know for sure is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the unconditional love and support of my family. And 3 little words can help me sleep better at night knowing they are aware that their support doesn’t go unnoticed.

It doesn’t take a huge effort. So next time you are talking to someone who means the world to you, be sure to tell them you love them. Hugs are optional.