I’m so sick of going to my annual doctor visit, and listening to my doctor smack me around about my high cholesterol and the fact that I need to lose weight. I try to explain that it’s difficult to do when my body demands fried foods and lots of Paula Deen butter on everything. He doesn’t seem amused every time I say that, and then he says “see you next year, fatty. Unless things stay the same way.”

My mom returns to Portland on September 7th after spending a fun summer in Kansas with my older sisters’ adorable little kidlets. We talk just about every day, and we both agree that we need to eat healthier and stop shoving so much processed food down our gullets. Now is probably a perfect time, since my little, 17-month old niece now lives with us and we want to keep her on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We already got her to drink water when she’s thirsty, which was a major accomplishment in itself.

So, the month of September is “back to basics,” and we will focus on making wholesome, healthier food that isn’t processed and doesn’t come in a bottle that’s been sitting on the store shelf, fermenting for 6 years. This includes making our own mayonnaise and salad dressings, while also focusing on fresh veggies in every meal.

I’ll be posting regularly about what works – and what doesn’t. Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Twitter.

Can we do it? Hell if I know! Only time will tell! Watch and see 🙂