I’ve been a loyal customer of Amazon.com for a long time now. There is NO one who has figured out how to make a simpler, stress-free online shopping experience than them. Nobody.

I didn’t think Amazon’s order process could be ANY simpler until I recently signed up for a trial of their Prime service. Dear god. I order just about anything and it arrives at my door two business days later. I almost shit my pants the first time that happened. No joke.

My loyalty to Amazon is unwavering, and it seems like everytime I even THINK about shopping somewhere else, I run into issues. A perfect case in point: Kohl’s.

Anyone who has been paying any attention to the news lately is very aware of the sudden cold spell gripping the country. Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re not safe from it this time.

On the over-hyped “Cyber Monday,” I came across a sweet deal on a beanie for my fat, bald head. The “free shipping with no minimum” sealed the deal. I scooped up the deal on December 2nd. It’s now December 7th and the damn beanie hasn’t even shipped yet!

I know some of you might be thinking “it’s only been a week!” To you I say “shut up.” 😒

I may be over thinking things here, but I don’t understand how long it takes to throw a beanie in a box, slap a label on it and drop it in the mail.

To make matters worse, I figured I’d call customer service and cancel the order so I can just drive a few miles to the nearest store and pick it off the shelve myself. Not quite that simple! You see, Kohl’s is unable to cancel an order after it’s been sitting in their system for longer than an hour!? WTF!!??

Amazon, I commend you. Some of your stuff may be overpriced but you have shipping down to a science. Thank you.

Kohl’s, you suck!