So…I wrote a blog post the other day putting Kohl’s on blast for the extremely delayed delivery of a very simple purchase.  I bought a beanie on December 4th and it literally JUST arrived yesterday, December 20th.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was upset.  I was going through my emails this morning, and saw this note from Kohl’s CEO, Kevin Mansell.

I still stand by my comments in the original post, but I felt it necessary to provide this update because ultimately this means my situation was rectified (even though I hadn’t filed an official complaint and didn’t intend to).

Amazon is still the best when it comes to adequately handling a TON of holiday shopping traffic – hands down.

This appears to be an automatic email that went to a bunch of customers whose orders were delayed, so before you assume I complained just to get a gift card, think again.

Kohls Letter