I’ve previously eluded to the fact that, just like others, I’ve made some pretty stupid and avoidable mistakes in my life. But one will surely haunt me for years to come: the time that I gave T-Mobile six months of my life. I barely escaped with a smidgen of dignity. This is my harrowing story.

Nearly 6 months ago, I started to look at the Verizon Wireless bill in detail. I hatched a not-so-briliant plan to switch our family plan to T-Mobile because they APPEARED to be offering an unbelievable deal where they even paid Verizon’s termination fees. My mother and sister reluctantly followed me over.

The first few days were ok, and then it got progressively worse. First, my sister’s phone had problems sending and receiving phone calls as well as texts. Then we moved to a new apartment and all three phones were dead in the water. Unless we stood in a 3×3 laundry room, we couldn’t do anything on our phones.

We called T-Mobile and their bright idea was to ship us a “signal booster, ” which is a fancy word for a piece of plastic with wires in it. I’m still not fully certain that the booster actually boosted anything – how much of nothing can you boost anyway???


Though T-Mobile claims to “unleash” you from termination fees, they require you to pay for the full, remaining balance of the phone, which is the same damn thing – or in my case, WORSE! I would have to pay nearly $600 to cancel, versus the $300+ I paid to leave Verizon.

But I found their loophole.

T-Mobile has a program called Jump which allows customers to upgrade to a new phone. They payoff the full balance you still owe for your existing phone and then you start making monthly payments on your new phone.

Cut to July 19. We had finally had enough of the crappy service and were at our wits end. Then, we got an automated text from T-Mobile saying we were eligible for an upgrade. Strike time!

Instead of paying $600, I ended up paying $71 because I stopped by the T-Mobile store and “upgraded” to a relic described as a “flip phone.” We then walked right next door to Verizon and switched backed to them.


The moral of the story: don’t ever, under any circumstances, switch to T-Mobile. Ever. Seriously.